American Fork Post 49

 WW2 Veterans September 16, 1940-July 24, 1947

*Died on active duty                  **MIA       ***POW

Name (Branch of Service; USA=Army, USN=Navy, USMC=Marines, USAAC=Army Air Corps, USAF=Air Force, USMM=Merchant Marine) DOB-DOD

Ambrose, Francis George* (USA) 1901-1944

Armistead, Keith Herbert* (USA) 1923-1946

Atwood, Dale Francis* (USA) 1921-1944

Bird, Vernal John* (USAAC) 1918-1944

Callahan, Kenneth Earl* (USAAF) 1923-1945

Carlson, Dale Bernard* (USA) 1921-1944

Chipman, Lloyd Wesley* (USA) 1922-1944

Christiansen, Gean Lawrence* (USN) 1915-1944

Clark, Alma Dale* (USN) 1914-1944

Countryman, Clyde Wallace* (USA) 1900-1945

Davis, Everett Joseph* (USN) 1923-1945

Day, Alma Heber* (USA) 1916-1945

Devey, Sterling Marvell* (USN) 1921-1944

Edwards, Richard Paul* (USN) 1925-1943

Esklund, Theodore Hartwill* (USAAC) 1924-1945

Garlick, Howard Brigham* (USAAC) 1917-1942

Groesbeck, Mac Stephenson* (USAAC) 1916-1945

Hall, Jack Wallace* (USN) 1921-1942

Hansen, Earl James* (USA) 1919-1945

Harvey, Richard Paul* (USA) 1918-1945

Hilton, Samuel Whitney Jr* (USA) 1918-1945

Howard, Charles Larson* (USN) 1919-1943

Hutchinson, C M*

Johnson, Edwin Hermond* (USN) 1902-1943

Laursen, Kennth Abner* (USN) 1924-1944

Loeffler, Herman* (USAAC) 1919-1942

Madsen, Allen Ephraim* (USA) 1916-1943

Marrott, Verlynn C* (USA) 1925-1944

McDaniel, Kenton Hertel (USA) 1911-1945

Miller, Bert Homer*(USAAC) 1921-1944

Miner, Arden Leslie* (USAAC) 1924-1944

Monson, Stephen Mayne* USAAC) 1917-1943

Olsen, Sherwin W* (USA) 1915-1944

Peterson, Louis Conrad* (USA) 1920-1945

Radmall, Vernon Reuben* (USAAC) 1917-1945

Rodeback, Lorenzo Charles* (USN) 1922-1944

Ross, James A* (Canadian Army) 1919-1944

Shoell, Cecil C* (USAAC) 1924-1945

Smith, Roland Erwin* (USA) 1924-1945

Smith, Wendell Olsen* (USA) 1924-1944

Strasburg, Henry George* 1916-1944

Swenson, Lyman Knute* (USN) 1892-1942

Tidwell, Thomas Leslie* (USA) 1918-1942

Valdez, Jose Francisco* (USA) 1925-1945

Vest, William Velory* (USMC) 1911-1944

Wagstaff, Jack Amos* (USA) 1921-1945

Wild, Curtis Ephraim* (USMC) 1915-1945

Wright, Clint Newell* (USA) 1921-1945

Young, Lorin Gail* (USA) 1924-1945


Hunsaker, Max Abel*** (USA) 1924-2017

Long, Leslie Leo*** (USA) 1917-1990

Peterson, Wesley Peter*** (USAAC) 1922-1978

Reymer, Walter Lloyd*** (USA) 1921-2004

Selman, Harold Legrande*** (USA) 1914-2005

ykes, Eli LaMar*** (USA) 1921-1997


Abbott, Mark L (USMC) 1923-2013

Aberle, Vernon August (USAAF) 1924-2008

Acton, Russell U (USAAC) 1927-2013

Adams, Boyd Earl 1919-1990

Adams, Bryce Lawayne (USA) 1921-1991

Adams, Douglas Frank (USA) 1923-1983

Adams, Floyd Henry (USA) 1917-1971

Adams, John Nathan (USA) 1920-1971

Adams, Joseph Ruel Jr (USA) 1918-1990

Adams, Keith J (USN) 1925-2012

Adams, Mason Perry (USMC) 1920-1996

Adams, Ralph Walker (USA) 1928-1998

Adams, Raymond Proctor (USA) 1912-1950

Adams, Rulon B (USN) 1926-2000

Adams, Thomas Ardie (USCG) 1922-2018

Adams, Vern Benjamin (USA) 1907-1972

Adamson, Dewey Newell (USA) 1925-2020

Adamson, Grant Allen (USA) 1921-1987

Adamson, Henry C (USA) 1908-1975

Adamson, Karl Blaine (USA) 1924-1991

Adamson, Kenneth Paul (USAAC/USAF) 1925-2001

Adamson, Stewart Hutchinson (USA) 1922-2015

Adamson, Victor Keith (USAAC) 1919-2009

Aguirre, Joseph Manuel (USMM) 1919-2002

Ahman, Vernon Jasper (USA/USN) 1898-1995

Alexander, Jack Demar (USAAC) 1922-1998 

Allen, Burt John (USA) 1918-1950

Allen, Carling Dorr (USA) 1918-2004

Allen Chester Arthur Jr (USA) 1924-2012

Allen, John A (USA)

Allen, Joseph USMC

Allen, Paul Jorgensen (USA) 1919-1993

Allgood, Kevin R

Allphin, Richard Allen 1921-2003 

Allred, Lawrence Clark USA

Andersen, Frank Howard (USA) 1902-1971

Andeersen, Gerald (USN) Living

Anderson, Aaron William (USA) 1922-2012

Anderson, Bert Marian (USA) 1925-2004

Anderson Don F (USA) 1927-2017

Anderson, Edward

Anderson, Gen T

Anderson, Howard Melvin (USA) 1918-1984

Anderson, Jay Afton (USAAC) 1917-1981

Anderson, John Arvid (USN) 1912-1992

Anderson, John Henry USAAC

Anderson, Lars Jr USN

Anderson, Melvin “Meb” K (USAAC) 1921-2002

Anderson, Robert Benjamin (USAAC) 1922-2002

Anderson, Robert Walter (USA) 1919-2006

Anderson, Vearl Louis (USA) 1919-2011

Anderson, Wilford W

Anderson, William Claude (USA) 1927-2009

Anderson, William Lawrence (USMC) 1920-2007

Andrews, Bruce Lewis (USAF) 1923-2005

Archangel, Anthony T (USA) 1921-1987

Archibald, Dean Thomas 1916-1973

Argyle, Lamar (USA) 1925-1990

Aritage, Victor W

Armitstead, Anton G USA

Armitstead, Lloyd Marinus (USN) 1919-2009

Asay, Clifton Wortham (USMM) 1927-2009

Ash, LaVar Varley (USA) 1922-2000

Ash, Romel Richardson USN

Ash, Verlond J USA 1919-2013

Ash, William USA

Aston, Don

Aston, Horace (USA) 1922-1945

Aston, Theo S (USA) 1920-1995

Atkinson, Adrian D (USAAC) 1919-2007

Atkinson, Eugene (USA) 1914-1971

Atwood, Fred Smith (USA) 1919-1988

Atwood, John Rae (USAAC) 1921-2012

Atwood, Lynn William "Rick"  (USA) 1925-1994

Austin, Don J(USA) 1919-1991

Avant, Norman Terry (USA) 1929-2009

Backus, Henry Floyd (USN) 1922-2016

Bailey, Albert Storer (USAAC) 1918-2009

Bair, Clarence Fredrick (USMC) 1921-1997

Baldridge, Kenneth W (USN) 1926-2021

Ballou, Richard Edwin Jr (USA) 1924-2004

Bame, Alman Wallace (USA) 1923-2002

Banks, Willis Merrill (USA) 1924-1998

Barney, Derell (USA) 1927-2004

Barney, Paul Delease (USA) 1922-2002

Barnhart, Rolland Junior (USA) 1925-2017

Barratt, Glen Curtis (USA) 1922-2002

Barratt, Harry Ellis (USA) 1918-2004

Barratt, Preston James (USA) 1914-1983

Barratt, Reed (USN) 1910-1990

Barrett, Carl James (USMC) 1926-2007

Barrett, Doyle (USN) 1925-2003

Barton, Grant  USN

Barton, John Preston (USA) 1923-2004

Barton, Roy Stanley (USA) 1924-2012

Bastian, Leo Wilford (USA)1918-1994

Bastian, Raymond (USN) 1927-2021

Bastian, Elwin Wayne (USA) 1924-2011

Batchelor, John Paul (USN) 1922-2009

Bateman, Dean Martin (USA) 1920-2002

Bawden, Orval Clyde (USAAC) 1923-2002

Baxter, Archibald James (USNR) 1908-1958

Baxter, David William (USN) 1925-2017

Baxter, Leland Kirk (USN) 1923-1998

Baxter, Lowell Johnson (USN) 1926-2010

Baxter, Walter Clyde (USA) 1919-1981

Beal, Floyd Carl (USA) 1920-1987

Beal, Lawrence Raynal (USMC) 1923-2019

Beal, Newell Melbern (USA) 1915-1996

Beal, William E (USA) 1916-1987

Bean, Howard D (USN) 1926-2011

Bean, Joseph Richard (USN) 1922-2014

Bean, Keith Roger (USAAC) 1925-2013

Bean, Kenneth Erwin (USN) 1922-1989

Bear, Lyle William (USMM) 1916-1986

Beck, Antonia Hernandez (WAVES) 1918-2001

Beck, Clifford Calvert (USAAC) 1920-2004

Beck, Earl Antrim Jr (USAAC) 1924-2010

Beck, Floyd R

Beck, Lyman Ray 1921-1997

Beck, Merrill Wesley (USA) 1922-2011

Beck, Reed Atwood (USA) 1920-1997

Beck, Theron Fearmorze (USAAC) 1923-2009

Becker, Rinehold (USN) 1913-1989

Beer, George Jr (USA) 1921-1972

Beers, Kenneth D USA 1920-1998

Behling, Henry Lamar (USA) 1918-2012

Bell, Ross Kay (USN) 1923-2009

Bennett, Boyd H (USN) 1926-1973

Bennett, Dean

Bennett, James Ferrin (USN) 1916-2008

Bennett, John Wilcox (USA) 1927-2016

Bennett, Lloyd Dean (USAAC) 1925-1989

Benson, Donald Wallace (USN) 1925-2017

Benson, Karl G (USN) 1926-2013

Benson, Ray Louis (USN) 1921-1996

Berg, John Christian (USA) 1918-1948

Betty, Hubert S

Beveridge, Lamar (USMC) 1925-1995

Beveridge, Merrill Eugene (USA) 1918-1999

Bezzant, Harold Albert (USN) 1921-2002

Bezzant, Leo (USA) 1909-1977

Bezzant, Mathew Keith (USA) 1924-1993

Bezzant, Richard Leon (USN) 1926-2011

Bezzant, Robert Aallen (USN) 1926-1981

Bezzant, Robert G (USN/USA) 1926-2015

Bezzant, William Mark (USN) 1923-1998

Bigelow, Lavell Meldrum (USN) 1917-2007

Biggins, Charles Perry (USA) 1920-1998

Bills, James Kirk 1926-1999

Bingham, Perry Gordon (USAAC) 1924-1993

Binnall, James Ralph (USAAC) 1923-2010

Bird, Teddy Lynn (USN) 1928-1996

Birk, Albert Thonton (USA) 1910-1956

Birrell, Andrew Robertson Jr (USA) 1926-2010

Bishop, Billie Don (USA) 1924-1983

Black, Robert Harold JR (USN) 1927-2016

Blackhurst, David B (USA) 1918-1972

Blair, Malcolm Samuel (USA) 1926-2016

Blair, Sheldon Devere (USA) 1919-1998

Blakesley, Mervel Elmer (USN) 1927-1981

Block, Andrew (USA) 1921-2002

Blomquist, William Harold (USN) 1927-1992

Bohn, Bert Junior (USAAC) 1923-1948

Bond, Arthur Edwin (USA) 1926-2015

Bonham, Verno Lee (USN) 1922-2005

Booth, Earl H (USAAC) 1918-1997

Boren, Lloyd D (USN) 1927-2007

Boren, Carl (USAAC) 1919-2007

Boren, Glen Archie (USA) 1923-1964

Boren, Jack Ray (USN) 1924-2006

Boren, Vern D (USA) 1921-2003

Bossa, Amos Loutelle (USAF) 1918-1998

Bott, Edna Gillman (USA) 1911-2010

Botts, John R (USA) 1922-2012

Bowen, Fred (USA) 1916-2002 

Box, Jack Wayne (USN) 1926-1998

Boyd, Robert Arthur (USAAC) 1913-2005

Boyer, Richard Smith (USN) 1925-2016

Bracken, Newell H (USA/UTNG) 1923-2002

Brady, Archie Loren (USAAC) 1922-2018

Brady, Lester Marlow (USA) 1925-2001

Brailsford, Blaine (USN) 1921-2014

Bramble, Milton (USN) 1914-1999

Breton, Donald Robert (USA) 1920-1990

Briggs, Ralph Valentine (USN) 1921-2001

Brimhall, Willis USN

Brimley, Eldon Denzil USN

Brock, Walter Robert USN 1920-2008

Bronson, Donald, Ray USN

Bronson, Jim

Bronson, Raymond USN

Bronson, Victor Ruthven (USA) 1921-1996

Brooks, Charles Robert (USN) 1927-2011

Brooks, Joey Pelkey (USA) 1921-1997

Brown, C Ward

Brown, Clark Kendall (USA) 1916-1991

Brown, Henry (Blues) Elijah 1912-1995

Brown, Joseph Featherstone 1921-1974

Brown, Marvin Erwin 1919-1995 (USA)

Brown, Ralph J 1919-1991

Brown, Ranch Murphy 1925-1980

Brown, Vanor E (USN) 1927-2017

Buhler, Herman Nephi (USAAC) 1925-2004  

Bullock, Dean Orson (USA) 1910-1974

Bullock, Gerald Joseph 1925-1963

Bullock, Glade Carlson (USA) 1922-1992

Bullock, Kenneth C (USN) 1918-2010

Bullock, Therold C (USN) 1925-1986

Bunnel, Bert D (UTNG) 1921-1978 

Bunnell, William Ray USN 1925-2011

Burch, Merrill Claud (USN) 1924-1996 

Burgener, Nephi Walter (USA) 1920-2011

Burnett, J Reid Sr (USA) 1921-2018

Burnham, Joseph William (USNR) 1909-1964

Burns, Clyde Elijah (USNR) 1901-1962

Burns, Laverl Cornelious (USA) 1907-1996

Bush, Ernest Alva (USA) 1908-1994

Busk, Grant Curtis (USA) 1923-1997

Byrnes, Albert Roy (USA) 1917-1970

Cameron, Donald Hugh (USA) 1925-2021

Campbell, Nephi Johnson (USA) 1921-2013

Campbell, Seth Colen (USA) 1916-1951

Campbell, Wayne Deuel (USA) 1925-2002

Candland, Harry Card (USAAC) 1924-1993

Caneen, Ivan Edgar 1922-1998

Cardon, Woodrow Wilson 1917-1986

Carlson, Blaine Mcneil 1922-1978

Carlson, Lester Gleason (USAAC) 1923-1951

Carlson, Rulon C (USA) 1919-1985

Carpenter, John, Lyle (USN) 1910-1976

Carroll, Raymond Kay 1938-1966

Carroll, Roscoe Davis (USAAC) 1928-2001

Carson, Delbert Ernest (USA) 1923-1997

Carson, Harold J (USA) 1912-1988

Carson, William Clyde (USA) 1916-2006

Carter, Dale Orval (USA) 1925-2009

Carter,Leo Edwin (USA) 1927-2019

Carter, Roy (USAAC) 1919-1995

Cartwright, Leon Spafford (USA) 1919-1959

Cassell, Raymond Walter (USAF) 1912-1998

Chadwick, Keith Elroy (USAAC) 1922-1998

Chadwick, Raymod Spratley (USN) 1916-2008

Chadwick, William Newbern (USN) 1921-1977

Chamberlain, Ralph Jean (USA) 1917-2001

Chesnut, James Clyde (USA) 1926-2011

Chidester, David Terry (USA) 1915-1999

Chipman, Bevan M

Chipman, Elmer Parker Jr (USA) 1920-1975

Christen, Donald Joseph (USMC) 1922-2010

Christensen, Clifford Cecil (USN) 1920-2008

Christensen, Earl LeRoy (USA) 1919-2018

Christensen, Edward Dean (USMC) 1915-1993

Christensen, Harvey Lynn (USN) 1923-1993

Christensen, James Martin (USN) 1926-1979

Christensen, John Louis,(USN) 1922-1984

Christensen, Paul Driggs 1915-2006

Christensen, Val Edgar (USA) 1926-2004

Christeson, Keith Elwood (USN) 1926-2002

Christiansen, Cloyd LaVell (USN) 1927-2013

Christiansen, Garth Cook (USA) 1912-1985

Christiansen, Howard Junior (USN) 1927-2016 

Christiansen, L G

Christiansen, Malcolm Karl (USA) 1915-1982

Christiansen, Rhodin Alma (USN) 1912-1985

Christiansen, Wayne Isaac (USN) 1923-2008

Christianson, Charles William (USN) 1924-2016

Christofferson, Paul USAAC

Church, Abe H (USA) 1915-1978

Clark, Bert Elvin (USN) 1923-1991

Clark, Billie Maurice (USA) 1913-1994

Clark, Douglas Garland (USA) 1927-2004

Clark, Duane Stewart (USA) 1923-1997

Clark, Harold Leroy (USAAC) 1913-2002

Clark, LeRoy (USA) 1916-2001

Clark, Merlin Weston (USA) 1918-1986 

Clark, Norman Jay (USAAC) 1921-2003

Clark, Robert Bruce (USA) 1927-1976

Clark, Vurl Lavon (USAAC) 1919-1997

Clark, Ward Sheffer (USNR)

Clark, Wayne Lawrence (USAAC) 1925-2017

Clegg, Jack (USN) 1917-2002

Clements, Carl Savage 1929-2015

Clements, Murdin Leroy (USNR) 1927-1948

Clingo, Lynn Edward (USN) 1921-2018

Coates, Jacob Franklin (USAAC) 1907-1985

Cobbley, Dean J (USA) 1918-2000

Cobbley, Jack Delores (USAAF) 1919-1952

Cobbley, Lee R (USA) 1922-1983

Coffin, David Frank (USN) 1925-2009

Colledge, Ivan Joseph (USA) 1921-1990

Collilns, Dudley Munn (USN) 1927-2011

Colton, Miles Merkley (USA) 1925-2016

Conder, Claud Phillip (USN) 1923-2004

Conder, Melvin Norman (USN) 1918-2006

Conder, Morlin John (USA) 1920-2012

Conder, Donald Ray (USA) 1915-2004

Conder, Vera Hannah (WAC) 1911-2000

Conley, William Fred (USN) 1927-1991

Conway, John Gordon (USMC) 1922-2001

Coobs, DMonte W

Cook, Alvin F USA

Cook, Jack Earl (USA) 1920-2006

Cook, Jenning Bryan (USN) 1923-2018

Cook, LaVern Juunius (USN) 1913-1987

Cook, Mack Reynolds (USN) 1927-2022

Cook, Robert Jay (USN) 1925-1988

Cook, Virgil George (USA) 1919-2002

Coombs, Virgil Halliday (USA) 1901-1969

Cornaby, Robert Allen (USA) 1919-2013

Countryman, Clyde Wallace (USA) 1900-1945

Covington, Royal (USA) 1914-1998

Covington, Sheral Ross (USA) 1920-1976 

Covington, Van Dee (USN) 1927-1991

Cox, Doyle (USA) 1915-1997

Creens, Russell T

Crompton, James Fletcher Jr (USA) 1925-1990

Crooks, Clifford Duane (USN) 1921-2016

Crookston, Donald Orin (USA) 1924-2007

Crumb, Johnny Asbury Jr (USN) 1920-1998

Crump, Clyde Don (USN) 1925-2018

Crystal, Alexander I (USA) 1910-1999

Crystal, Myron (USA) 1923-2007

Culbertson, Patrick Ernest (USN) 1924-1969

Cullimore, Earl Forrest (USAAC) 1923-2016

Cullimore, Parker Luke (USA) 1927-1998

Cullimore, William James Jr (USA) 1897-1958

Cundick, Beryl Reed (USAAC) 19189-2008

Cunningham, Howard A (USA) 1915-1977

Cunningham, James Clair (USAAC) 1922-1998

Curson, James D

Curtin, Howard Lee (USN) 1922-1995

Curtis, Arland Clive (USCG) 1911-1980

Cutler, Dal Harris (USAAC) 1918-2011

Dailey, Joseph W (USMC) 1917-2007

Daley, Andrew John 1916-1997

Dalton, Gerald (USN) 1925-1988

Dana, Carl USA

Darling, Albert J (USA)  1909-1991

Davenport, Rodney Lufkin Sr (USA) 1914-2010

David, Mack

Davis, Hal Floyd (USA) 1927-1992

Davis, Raymond Otto (USA) 1919-1988

Day, Franklin David (USMC) 1920-2013

Day, Lawrence Earl (USAAC) 1919-2003

Day, Melvin USN

Day, Willis Erwin (USA) 1924-1967

Dayton, Lester (USN) Living

De St Jeor, Wallace Bramwell (USAAC) 1906-1969

Dean, Bern L (USA) 1921-2004

Dean, Clifford James (USN) 1922-2008

Dean, Darrell F (USN) 1924-2014

Dean, Harold Otto (USN) 1922-2007

Dean, Ramon Dayel (USA) 1924-1978 

Dean, Wayne Dickerson (USN) 1925-2004

Dearing, George William (USA) 1922-2009

Degraff, Charles Clyde (USN) 1925-1994

Despain, Wendell Lemoyne (USN) 1926-1983

Deveraux, Dale Mark (USAAC) 1922-2003

Deveraux, Ellis (USMC) 1918-1980

Deveraux, James

Devey, Wayne Alfred (USA) 1919-1990

Devitt, Willard Raymond (USA) 1918-2003

Dexter, Alfred Jr (USN) 1917-1968

Dexter, James Baird (USA) 1919-1972

Diamond, Nancy Eiko Koizumi (USN) 1928-2021

Dibble, Eben USA

Dickerson, Charles Deloss (USAAC) 1919-1980 

Dickerson, Donald John (USA) 1926-1949

Dickerson, Leo Edward (USA) 1920-1960

Dickerson, William Edward “Ted” (USN) 1922-1976 

Dietrich, John (USN) 1916-1991

Dillman, Robert Emanuel (USN) 1924-2017

Dittmore, Austin LaMar (USA) 1922-1994

Dixon, Vern Lee 1929-1983

Dodge, George A USMC 1914-1981

Dokos, Andrew G

Downs, Ray Judd (USA) 1918-2002

Draney, Asa Vernon SR (USA) 1923-1992

Draper, Dee Barton (USMC) 1918-1985

Draper, Don R (USA) 1919-2000

Draper, Melvin Stratton (USN) 1919-1999

Driggs, Kay Allen (USN) 1927-2003

Drysdale, King Butler (USA) 1914-1958

Duke, Byron Junior (USAAC) 1925-2010

Duncan, Howard Napolean Jr (USN) 1926-2000

Dunkley, Shirley Chipman (USA) 1902-1973

Dunning, Kermit (USAF) 1909-1949

Durrant, Boyd E (USA) 1922-1996

Durrant, Dale Clyde (USA) 1915-1985 

Durrant, Duane M (USA) 1925-2001

Durrant, Glen Losee (USA) 1919-1994

Durrant, James Eugene (USA) 1927-2002

Durrant, John Mayne (USMC) 1922-2013

Durrant, Keith Sterling 1927-1989

Durrant, Wayne L (USA) 1924-1990

Durrant, William Maynes 1920-1977

Duvall, Lowell Wesley (USAAC) 1919-1996

Earl, Harry Allen (USA) 1925-1990

Earl, John (USA) 1924-2003

Earl, Robert Lowell (USA) 1923-2010

Eastmond, Frank Taylor (USA) 1916-1976

Eastmond, Jefferson Nicholls (USMC) 1922-2005

Eastmond, Robert McKinley (USN) 1924-2003

Eaton, Elmer Wayne (USA) 1922-1989

Ecker, Raymod Peter (USA) 1925-2001

Edwards, Max Robert (USN) 1921-1995

 Edwards, Robert Dean (USA) 1923-1996

Eggett, Walter Price (USA) 1923-2008

Einerson, John (USN) 1924-1996

Eklund, Frank Austin Jr (USN/USA) 1925-2011

Ellington, Martin Cephus (USA) 1910-1995

Ellis, John J USCG

Ellis, Roy Shelton (USA) 1919-1990

Ellison, Donald Ralph (USN) 1927-2013

Ellison, William Ray (USA) 1923-2006

Emmett, Robert

Emmett, William Erle 1923-1988

England, Kenneth H (USN) 1925-1994

Engles, Albertis Oren (USA) 1920-1983

Epperson, Lawrence Leon (USA) 1915-2011

Evans, Boyd Decker (USN) 1927-1991

Evans, Ivor (USA) 1917-1963

Evans, Melvin Thomas (USN/USA) 1921-2005

Eves, Leo (USA) 1919-1997

Eves, Roy Fredrick (USN) 1926-1996

Ewell, David Henry (USN) 1899-1975

Eyre, Kenneth Sharp (USN) 1926-1998

Fagan, Ersel S (USA) 1915-1994

Farmer, Walton Roper (USMC) 1921-2013

Farns, Harrison (USMM) 1919-2003

Farnsworth, Ernest Lasalle (USA) 1924-1990

Farnsworth, Erwin Holt (USA) 1922-2016

Farnsworth, Harold D (USN) 1921-2013

Farr, Deral Winslow (USN) 1909-1997

Fautin, Russell Vern (USA) 1924-2002 

Fautin, Teddy Waayne (USAAC) 1925-2013

Fenton, Calvin Walker (USN) 1925-1965

Fenton, Don Walker (USAAC) 1921-2012

Fields, Carl Clifton Jr (USA) 1924-2012

Fillerup, Weslie Oswald (USA) 1915-1967

Fillmore, Glen W (USN) 1927-1982

Fillmore, Howard

Fitzgerald, Bliss Griffith (USMM) 1925-1999

Fletcher, Harvey Junior (USN) 1923-2019

Forbes, Homer Robins (USN) 1926-2019

Fotheringham, Grant Delose (USN) 1924-2013

Foutz, F Elmer USAAC 1916-2002

Foutz, Hal Bert (USN) 1927-1990

Fowler, Earl R Jr (USA) 1918-1965

Fowler, John Elvin (USA) 1921-1957

Fowles, Grant L (USA) 1922-2005

Fox, Lawrence Creighton (USN) 1927-2005

Frampton, Eugene Kenneth (USA) 1921-1977

Frampton, Franklin Blaine (USA) 1924-2008

Frampton, Howard Calvin (USA) 1924-2005

Frandsen, Reed Anderson (USN) 1925-1987

Fraughton, Franklin (USA) 1919-2008

Fraughton, Keith D (USNR) 1924-1948

Frazier, Donald Keith (USAF) 1925-2001 

Fredrickson, Roy Christian (USN) 1918-1988

Freeman, Elwood Wilford (USA) 1919-1986

Freeman, William Vern (USN) 1916-2011

Fryer, LeRoy Alton (USA) 1918-1977

Fryer, Ralph

Fugal, Boyd Leroy (USN) 1921-2010

Fugal, Bryan Christian (USN) 1915-1984

Fugal, Lawrence Dale (USMC) 1923-1954

Fulkerson, Alvin Monroe (USA) 1917-2013

Fullmer, Melvin Bliss (USA) 1927-2011

Furden, Charles Chris (USA) 1911-1968

Gaisford, James Lorenzo (USAAC)

Gamett, Mark W (USA) 1918-2002

Gamette, Don Vernon (USA) 1920-1992

Gammell, John Spencer (USA) 1922-1998

Gardiner, Bill Tolman (USMC) 1924-2007

Gardiner, Boyd Little (USMC) 1922-2002

Gardiner, John Simeon (USA) 1920-2001

Gardner, Kenneth Nelson (USA) 1915-1994

Gardner, Paul Gerber (USN) 1926-2019

Garlick, Ben Eugene (USA) 1919-1971

Garlick, Bruce Ja (USN/USAF) 1920-1987 

Garlick, Deverl (USN) 1925-1993

Garlick, Reid Howard (USAAC) 1921-2019

George, Don R (USAF) 1922-1973

Gibbs, Edwin Godbe (USA) 1922-2004

Gibbs, George Heber (USN) 1924-2005

Giddings, Crandall Bland (USA/USAF) 1915-2012

Giddings, Elizabeth Anna Kiefer (USA) 1916-1971

Gifford, Lloyd G (USN) 1923-1984 

Gilbert, Herbert William (USN) 1925-2015

Giles, Verdell (USN) 1922-2000

Gillies, Don Thomas (USN) 1927-1987 

Gillies, Winston Hyrum (USA) 1916-1983

Gillman, Don (USA) 1917-1995

Gillman, Garth (USAAC) 1925-2006

Gillman, Glade Walker (USCG) 1921-20015

Gillman, Harley M (USMM) 1927-2020

Gillman, Kenneth Horace (USA) 1918-2013

Gillman, Leland (USA) 1905-1991

Gillman, Wendell Walker (USA) 1919-2014

Gines, Daniel L (USN) 1916-1979

Goff, Warren Groves (USN) 1916-2003 

Goodwin, Samuel (USA) 1919-2016

Gordon, Howard Hunter (USA) 1923-2012

Gordon, Leon (USN) 1925-2014

Gordon, William Donald (USA) 1910-1950 

Gourley, Ernest Gene (USAAC) 1927-2011

Gourley, Lee Maughn (USA)

Gourley, Rex Stanley (USA)

Grace, Joshua (USN) 1926-2011

Graff, William Wayne (USMC) 1926-2002

Gran, Junior Lee

Grant, James Nash (USA) 1924-2018

Grant, Max Samuel (USN) 1924-2010

Grantham, James Kirkham (USMC) 1921-1974

Graves, John Pittman (USN) 1917-1981

Gray, Dean Charles (USA) 1920-2002

Gray, Don Lloyd (USA) 1918-2002

Green, Albert Henry (USA) 1909-1998

Green, Clyde Owen Sr (USA) 1925-1996

Green, David Adamson (USN) 1916-1975

Green, Dorothy Elizabeth (USA) 1902-1979

Green, Elwood Dunn (USA) 1920-1958

Green, Fay Leroy 1921-2003

Green, Geneieve C USN 1925-1991

Green, Max Bunnell (USN) 1925-1991

Green, Nyle Larson (USN) 1925-2000

Green, Ray Lamar (USAAC) 1918-1995

Green, Renard Keith (USN) 1927-1988

Green, Samuel J (USN) 1923-1974

Greene, Graham USA

Greene, Leroy (USAAC) 1907-1960

Greene, Russell T (USA) 1919-2004

Greening, Daryl Warren (USA) 1921-1994

Greening, Glenn Franklin (USAF) 1920-1981

Greening, Harold Binch (USA) 1927-1948

Greenwood, Glen Boley (USA) 1919-1993

Greenwood, Harold (USA) 1919-1991

Greenwood, Ray John (USN) 1927-2021

Greenwood, Roger Earl (USN) 1926-2005

Greenwood, Sherman Robinson (USA) 1918-2001

Griffith, Leslie Harold (USA) 1921-1991

Griffiths, Alfred Warren (USA) 1918-2005

Gull, O'Ryan (USAAC) 1918-2010'ryan-gull

Gurney, Lynn (USA) 1916-1964

Gurr, Ray Dean (USMC) 1925-2008

Hackford, George Ishmael (USN) 1920-2002

Haddock, Robert Wayne (USA) 1921-1990

Hair, Clebert (USA) 1920-1996

Hales, Delbert Ray (USA) 1916-1969

Hall, Clayton Oscar (USN) 1920-2009 

Hall, Donald Eugene (USA) 1924-1997

Hall, Duane F (USN) 1929-1998

Hall, Gayle Gilbert (USAAC) 1926-2007

Hall, George Wilford (USA) 1925-2006

Hall, Harry Giles (USA) 1927-2010

Hall, Iowa (USN) 1923-2013

Hall, James David (USN) 1925-2019

Hall, Morris Jay (USN) 1925-2006

Hall, Ronald Drake (USN)

Halladay, Arthur Roy (USN) 1924-2011

Halliday, Eugene Ray (UTNG/USA) 1917-1997

Halstrom, Robert Lee (USA) 1922-2012

Hammond, Laura Adams (USMC) 1924-2019

Hammond, Victor Warren (USN/USAF)

Hampton, Monte Ray (USA) 1927-1993

Hancock, Clem Slade (USA) 1923-2016

Hancock, Duane Manwill (USAAC) 1926-2013

Hansen, Cecil Ray (USAAC) 1921-2015

Hansen, Clifford George (USA)

Hansen, Darrel Gibbs (USN) 1919-2014

Hansen, Darrell Peter (USA) 1924-1996

Hansen, Everett G (USA) 1912-1998

Hansen, Keith (USN) 1925-2002

Hansen, Laine Marion (USA) 1921-1972

Hansen, Lawrence H (USA) 1913-1989

Hansen, Leland James (USAAC) 1920-2010

Hansen, Leo Arvil (USA) 1920-1968

Hansen, Raymond

Hansen, Sherman Vance (USA) 1924-1997 

Hanson, Harold Leon (USN) 1925-1962

Harding, Oren Leonard (USA) 1920-1985

Hardinger, Harvey Clarence (USAAC) 1920-1987

Hardman, Charlie (USA) 1921-2005

Hardman, Don John (USN) 1921-1974

Hardman, Guy Edward (USA) 1918-2002

Hardman, Isaac Leroy (USA) 1922-2003

Hardman, Lawrance Lewis (USN) 1927-2021

Hardy, Noel Eldon (USA) 1918-2000

Harmon, Keith B (USA) 1925-2012

Harper, Boyd Clifton (USA) 1925-2019

Harper, Gale Lee (USA) 1923-1992

Harper, Max Dean (USAAC) 1924-1997

Harper, Perry Ralph (USA) 1913-1977

Harrington, Gail Finley 1926-2019

Harrington, Jennings 1909-1993

Harrington, Phil C (USAAC/USAF) 1919-2006

Harris, Dale (USA) 1921-1979

Harris, Delbert John (USA)

Harris, Kenneth Robert USN

Harris, Myles Owen (USN) 1921-2015

Harris, Stanley Ray (USA) 1924-1994

Harris, Richard Payne (USA) 1921-1974

Harris, Robert USMC

Harris, William E USAF

Hassenfritz, Wilson CHarles USA 1918-986

Hathcock, Edward Jesse (USMC) 1922-1973

Haughton, Robert Furrels (USA) 1929-1986 

Hawkins, Vern Elton 1926-1999

Haycock, Arthur Glen (USA) 1905-1993

Hayes, Alfred

Hayes, John Keith, Sr (USA) 1916-2004

Hayes, Robert Denton (USAAC/USAFR)

Healey, Fred Floyd (USA) 1913-1996

Heaps, Gerald Alvey (USA) 1924-2007

Heaps, Van Alvey (USA) 1921-2006

Hebbert, Frank Mondell (USA) 1920-2015

Hebertson, Thorit Charles (USA) 1896-1966

Hegyessy, Harold M Jr (USAF) 1918-2003

Heidenreich, Joseph Frank (USN) 1919-1964

Heikes, Carl John (USA) 1907-1955

Helsing, Lennart Florentin (USN) 1916-1990

Hendricksen, Donald Boyington (USN) 1921-1987

Herbertson, Orvil D USA

Herrera, Miguel A (USA) 1909-1982

Herrera, Santiago (USA) 1907-1983

Hewitt, Lawrence Paul (USN)

Hiatt, Clyde Harris (USA) 1920-1994

Hiatt, Ray Lynn Sr (USA) 1920-2006

Hicken, Frederick Jacob (USN) 1915-2003

Hicks, Durward Junius (USA) 1918-1981 

Hicks, Earl Nile (USA) 1928 2018

Hicks, Robert Mitchell (USA) 1927-1995

Hicks, Wallace Grant (USN) 1920-2001

Higginson, Clyde Taylor (USAAC) 1917-2006

Hight, Hunter D Jr (USN)

Hill, Archie Clyde (USAAC) 1922-2013

Hillier, Robert Louis (USA)  1922-2019

Hilton, Allen Eugene (USN) 1927-2019

Hilton, Joseph Donn "Curly" (USAAC) 1921-2002

Hilton, Floyd Jim USA

Hilton, Glade Clarence (USA) 1927-2022

Hilton, John Neal (USA) 1924-2010

Hilton, Joseph Dean USA 

Hoff, Daniel Ned (USAAC)

Hofheins, Richard Glen (USN) 1928-2002

Hoggard, Julius McCandless (USN) 1925-2012

Hoggard, Max Proctor USAAC) 1919-2004

Hoggard, Phil Proctor (USA) 1917-20003

Holdaway, Robert David (USN) 1907-1978

Holindrake, Harold Myron (USA) 1916-1979

Hollien, Jack Alvin (USN) 1918-2007

Holien, Raymond Richard (USA) 1922-2004

Holman, Artemus Ezekiel (USA) 1919-1975

Holmes, Kenneth Charles (USA) 1923-2012

Holten, John Smith 1903-1985

Holzman, Arthur Edward (USA) 1923-2005

Homer, Marion David (USN) 1926-

Hooley, Alonzo “Lon” (USN) 1924-1992

Hooley, Boyd Joseph (USA) 1928-2022 

Hooley, Dean A 1926-1988

Hooley, Earl H (USMC) 1925-1986

Hooley, Glade (USA) 1927-1968

Hooley, Glen (USA)

Hooley, Harold K (USA) 1919-2001

Hooley, LaVar R (USAAC/USAF) 1917-2000

Hooley, Richard L (USA) 1925-2018

Hoover, Albert Keith (USN) 1926-2005

Horton, Frank Kingsley (USA) 1922-1998

Hosking, Ray Thomas (USN) 1926-1982

Houston, John Howard USA 1917-2002

Houtz, Max Kenneth (USA) 1923-1995

Howard, Don Edmund (USN/NG) 1926-2008

Howard, Fred Granville (USN) 1910-2002

Howard, Lowe Larson (USN) 1921-1990

Howard, Thomas Larson (USA) 1916-2001

Howard, Wilford L (USA) 1924-1980

Howe, Elliot Castieton (USAAC) 1920-2009

Howes, Maurice John (USA) 1916-1999

Howes, Ray (USAAC/USN) 1920-2006

Hubbs, Ernest Ralph (USN) 1924-2002

Huckins, William Alonzo Jr (USAAC/USAF) 1921-2007

Huffman, Frank Everett (USN)

Huggard, Cyril Greenwood (USA) 1904-1975

Huggard, Earl Clyde (USMM) 1915-1986

Huggard, Glen James (USN) 1925-2006 

Hughes, Jay D (USN) 1923-1994

Hulet, Sylvanus John (USA) 1928-1950

Hullinger, Arden A (USA) 1922-1996

Hullinger, Arvin Jay (USMC) 1926-2020

Hullinger, Lawrence H USA

Humes, Robert Alma (USA) 1926-2016

Humphries, Robert Fred (USCG) 1925-2005

Hunsaker, Farren Palmer (USA) 1924-1986

Hunt, Dean (USAAC)

Hunter, Alva Alan (USA) 1923-2010

Hunter, Dee R (USN) 1925-2012 

Hunter, Kenneth E (USN) 1915-1980

Hunter, Richard Elmo (USA) 1921-1998

Huntsman, Cecil Lawrence (USMC) 1918-1996

Huntsman, LeVar USA 1916-2008

Huntsman, Sheldon (USA) 1929-2014

Hurd, Marvin Henry (USA) 1918-2003

Hutchinson, Kenneth F (USA) 1916-1987

Huthman, Delbert Edward (USA) 1921-2012 

Hyde, Robert Ernest (USA) 1916-1998

Hymes, Charles Robert (USMM) 1921-2001

Inabu, Tamotsu Tomo (USA) 1925-

Ingersoll, Joseph (USN) 1921-2007

Ingersoll, Morris Grant (USN) 1926-1980

Ives, Ella Marie Peters (USN) 1911-2002

Ives, Elmer Charles (USN) 1912-1987

Ivie, Rex Floyd (USA) 1926-2019

Ivins, Guy Hamblin (USN) 1927-2016

Ivins, Heber Grant Jr (USA) 1921-1991

Jackson, Clinton Ray (USA) 1929-2014

Jackson, Leon Russell (USA) 1928-2020

Jacob, Isaac Eldon (USA) 1906-2002

Jacob, Ivan Marchall (USA) 1911-1988

Jacob, Ralph

Jacob, Sherman Ellsworth (USA) 1908-1975

Jacob, Verl Nathan (USA) 1923-1987 

Jacobs, Kay Lucian (USN) 192-2009

Jacobson, Curtis Daniel (USA) 1905-1985

Jakeman, John Kenneth (USMM) 1926-2014

Jarvis, Shirlen Rodney (USN) 1922-2000

Jeff, Ruben Alvero (USAAC) 1923-2003

Jenkins, George Wilson (USA) 1918-2012

Jense, Myron Willard 1913-1984

Jensen, Darwin Dean (USN) 1924-1983

Jensen, Donald Levar (USA) 1922-2021

Jensen, Jack Naylor (USA) 1918-1986 

Jensen, Joseph Edward (USN) 1923-2013

Jensen, Mary Edna Dawson 1916-2005 (USMC)

Jensen, Phil D (USAAC) 1918-2010

Jensen, Robert Paul (USAAC) 1916-1989

Jensen, Vern Singleton (USMC) 1919-1994

Jeppson, Roy Kendall (USN) 1926-2009

John, Velford, Legrand (USN) 1922-2008

Johndrow, Edward Ralph  (USA) 1924-1992

Johner, Val M (USA) 1914-2001

Johnson, Arland Earl USA 1925-2010

Johnson, Carl Edwin (USA) 1914-2003

Johnson, Dale H (USA) 1920-2009

Johnson, Dallas Clarence (USN) 1923-2006

Johnson, Douglas Edwin (USAAC) 1926-2015

Johnson, Edward Curtis (USN) 1927-2000

Johnson, Eugene (USA) 1915-2007

Johnson, Ferron (USA) 1925-2006

Johnson, Harold Wesley (USA) 1917-1994

Johnson, James Wallace (USN) 1921-2017

Johnson, Junior Calvin (USA) 1925-1994

Johnson, Leon Alfred (USN) 1926-2009

Johnson, Melvin Warren (USN) 1922-1971

Johnson, Mern Dale (USA) 1927-2023 

Johnson, Milton Grant (USA) 1921-2010

Johnson, Ralph Beardsley (USN) 1900-1977

Johnson, Raymond

Johnson, Sterling M USN

Johnson, Vernon Ray (USA) 1927-2002

Johnston, James Morgan (USMC) 1920-2005

Jolley, Dolph (USA) 1928-2011

Jolley, Leo Vaughn (USA) 1922-1985

Jones, Earl Richard (USMC) 1924-1990

Jones, Eldon Cash (USA) 1917-1994

Jones, Elmer (USA) 1905-1960

Jones, Joseph Dean (USN) 1927-2001

Jones, Marlin Rodrick (USA) 1916-1999

Jones, Viola Mae Cororon (USMC) 1922-1995

Jones, William Dawson (USA) 1916-1970

Jorgensen, Bernell (USA) 1914-1990

Jorgensen, Forrest (USA) 1909-2004

Jorgensen, Glade (USA) 1916-2012

Jorgensen, Glen Alexander (USN) 1925-2009

Jorgensen, Harold Max (USAAC) 1922-2007

Jorgensen, Leo Roy (USA) 1921-1985

Jorgensen, Samuel Eldores (USA) 1912-2000

Jorgensen, Virgil (USA) 1918-1998

Jorgensen, William Mark USA 1921-1981

Judd, Ira Mahonri (USA) 1928-2017

Kanno, Roy S Sr (USA) 1919-1998

Kanno, Takeshi “TED” (USA) 1925-2021

Kaser, David Fredrick (USA) 1915-1989

Keetch, Duane Greenwood (USA) 1919-2010

Keetch, Cyrus Wesley (USA) 1916-1993

Kelander, Arvid Andrew (USN) 1924-2018

Kelley, Eustace Darwin (USA) 1919-1989

Kelley, Ralph Sanford (USN) 1912-1997

Kelly, Leonard Frampton (USN) 1915-2004

Kelly, Marion William (USA) 1920-1995

Kelly, Theodore Earl (USA) 1920-1988

Kerr, William (USA) 1916-1972 (USA)

Kimball, Harold Booth (USA) 1922-1985

King, Rex J (USA) 1920-1994

Kinross, William Robert (USN) 1927-2013

Kirk, Betrand Dittmore (USA) 1911-1951

Kirkman, Dee Marvin (USN) 1926-1999

Kirkman, Donald Earl (USA) 1914-1973

Kirkpatrick, Eugene J (USN) 1926-2001

Kirkwood, Clarence R (USN) 1919-1992

Kitchen, Lawrence Tolman (USA) 1918-1999

Kitchen, Ralph Lenford (USA) 1924-2019

Knight, Philip S 1915-1993 (USA)

Knoth, Kenneth D 

Kofford, Keith V (USA) 1918-1993

Kolstrom, Rex Emil (USA) 1927-1994

Kresser, Edward Charles (USMC) 1919-1995

Kummer, Ted

Labate, Richard Michael (USN) 19926-2002

Laga, Frank Edward (USA) 1923-2009

Lapioli, Samuel Robert (USN) 1924-2011

Larsen, Edward Jack (USMC) 1917-2011

Larsen, Melvin Theo (USAAC) 1922-2015

Larson, LeGrand "C" (USAAC) 1913-1999 

Larson, Leland Niel (USA) 1919-1993

Larson, Omer Peter (USA) 1927-2006

Larson, Thomas USN

Latimer, Louis Wallace (USN) 1926-2017

Later, Wendell Cordon (USAAC) 1919-2005

Laudie, John Davis Sr (USAAC) 1919-1999

Launer, Raymond Alfred (USAAC) 1918-2002

Laursen, Edward Chipman (USMC) 1921-2016 

Laursen, Everett Padfield (USAAC) 1920-1968

Laursen, Thomas Fred (USN) 1923-2016

Laycock, Earl Kenneth (USA) 1917-1985

Leaming, James Fletcher (USN) 1924-2000

Lebaron, Francis Cheney (USA) 1930-2013

Lee, Robert Eldon (USA) 1911-1987

Leuze, Lawrence Leaman (USA) 1917-2003

Lewis, Dale W (USA) 1924-2020

Lewis, Donald E (USAAC) 1909-1983

Lewis, Jack E (USAAC) 1926-2021

Lewis, Richard Neil Sr (USN) 1928-2015

Lewis, Ross Llewellyn (USAAC) 1917-1993

Lindstrom, Bert Harold (USN) 1925-1998

Lindstrom, Charles Smith (USA/USN) 1929-2009

Lindstrom, John Paul (USN) 1927-2005

Lippold, Kenneth Elroy (USA) 1920-2008

Liston, Merrill Glendon (USA) 1925-1977

Lloyd, Harold (USN) 1919-2007

Loader, Elvin Elwood (USA) 1922-2009

Loader, Harry Nathaniel (USAAC) 1915-1994

Loader, Monroe Driggs (USA) 1892-1981

Lockwood, Max Lewis (USA) 1927-2007

Loeffler, Werner Victor (USA) 1923-2004

Logan, Charles Lamar (USA) 1921-2002

Lojka, Victor (USA) 1926-1997

Long, Elaine Busk (WACS) 1921-1993

Long, Elmer Benson (USN) 1924-1984

Losh, John Henry (USA) 1923-1973

Louder, Carl Richardson (USA) 1917-1997

Louder, Leland Franklin (USA) 1920-1975

Louder, Lloyd J (USN) 1919-2003

Low, David Stewart USAAC/USAF) 1922-1996

Lowe, Howard D USA 1923-2013

Lowe, Julian Cassity (USA) 1917-2002

Loy, William Brown (USA) 1926-2018

Luck, Ronald (USA) 1920-1992

Ludwig, Eugene Reeser (USN/USAF) 1926-2009

Lund, Ray Delmont (USA) 1922-1988

Lundell, Carroll Bob (USN) 1926-1982

Lyon, Truman Harold (USA) 1921-1960

Lystrup, Glenn Frederick (USA) 1919-1988

Lystrup, Dwaine Brier (USN) 1921-1987

Lystrup, Wilford Daniel (USAAC) 1905-1991

Macfadzen, Clifford Dewitt (USA) 1917-1977

Macfarlane, James USAAC

Macfarlane, Jay Gordon (USA) 1928-2013

Macfarlane, Max Parker (USA) 1922-2008

Macklin, Jack Kenneth (USN) 1924-1989

Madsen, Harold Stanley (USA) 1926-2006

Mahalko, Daniel (USA) 1919-2008

Makin, Ernest Leroy (USA) 1918-1969

Makin, Mark Allen (USA) 1920-1998

Malone, John Harry (USA) 1916-2001

Mann, Joseph William

Manning, Harry Dell (USA) 1921-1969 

Manning, Wallace Alfred (USA) 1912-1997

Mansanarez, Joe Jesse Garcia (USA) 1923-1966

Manwell, Glee (USA) 1917-2002

Marrott, Leroy William (USA) 1915-1994

Marrott, Vern Lorenzo (USA) 1918-1989

Marsh, Hack L

Marshall, Melvin J (USA) 1926-1996

Martin, Joseph James (USA) 1919-2000

Matthews, Glen Reed (USA) 1921-2004

Matthews, Robert J

Maxfield, Grant Archie (USA) 1918-2003

Maxfield, Merrill A USA

Maxfield, Merril Ward (USA) 1920-1978

May, Wilbur John (USN) 1925-2011

Mayfield, William Boyd (USA) 1923-2013

Mayhew, Charles Everett Sr (USA) 1912-1974

Mayne, Carl Jay (USN) 1926-2004

McBride, Truman Boyd (USN) 1924-2021 

McCandless, Emil Lawrence (USA) 1918-1975

McCandless, Gale (USA) 1926-1999

McCandless, Gene Arthur (USA) 1927-2001

McCandless, Herman Elwood (USA) 1926-1977

McCormick, Edward Francis (USA) 1914-1974

McCoun, Ernest Don (USA) 1926-2020

Mccoy, Andrew Melvin 1923-2011

Mccracken, Joseph David (USN) 1914-2000

Mccullough, George Dillard (USMC) 1911-1990

McDaniel, James Riley (USA) 1905-1987 

Mcdermott, Donald Vernon (USA) 1927-1993

Mciff, Lyle Hatch (USN) 1920-2007

Mckinney, John Kenneth (USN) 1904-1989

McMillian, Lee Robert (USMM) 1927-2008

Mcneill, Dannie Francis (USN) 1901-1950

McOmie, Paul Harvey (USA) 1915-2002

McQuivey, Gordon J (USA) 1920-1985

Mctague, Harry Dale (USA) 1922-1998

Measom, Charles Max (USA) 1924-2005

Mecham, Alfred G (USA) 1917-1976

Mecham, Fred Heward (USA) 1922-2011

Mecham, Glen W (USN/USMM) 1919-1972

Mecham, William

Mechling, Hiram Keith (USMM/USMC) 1928-2000

Meddles, Jesse Leuthart (USN) 1917-1973

Meeks, Arden Earl (USN) 1925-1985

Meeks, Jerald Orson (USAAC) 1920-2013

Mele, Vincent Jr (USAAC) 1921-2002

Melendez, Louis Jr (USA) 1925-2011

Meranda, Stephen M (USN) 1927-2007

Merkley, Floyd Richard (USAAC) 1913-2002

Merrill, George Louis (USN) 1920-2015

Merryweather, Keith Bullock (USA) 1927-2009

Mickiewicz, William Bill (USN) 1918-2004

Migliaccio, Lloyd F (USN) 1927-2014

Miller, Billy Lamoyne (USN) 1928-1994

Miller, Carlos Bruce (USMC) 19281997

Miller, Clifford Read (USA) 1926-2002

Miller, Donn Rollo (USAAC) 1926-1992

Miller, Elmo Harry (USA) 1916-1994

Miller, George Robert (USN) 1922-2005

Miller, Glenn Eldon (USN) 1927-2021

Miller, John Don (USMM) 1923-2010

Miller, Keith D (USA) 1919-2006

Miller, Lewis Lee (USA) 1923-2016

Miller, Richard Junior (USA) 1920-2005

Miller, Stephe (USA) (WW1 and WW 2) 1901-1982

Miller, Stephen

Mills, Calvin Bullock (USN) 1923-2008

Mills, Joseph Rae (USAAC) 1918-1972

Millward, Marden Robinson (USA) 1914-1989

Miner, Lynn Arden (USN) 1921-2006

Miner, Verl Y (USN) 1922-1980

Minerich, Frank V 1927-2014

Minson, Grant Levi (USAAC) 1923-2004​

Mitchell, Joseph Wilford (USAAC) 1927-1947

Mitchell, Lawrence Robert (USA) 1925-1989

Monohon, Stephen E

Monson, Albert Bardell (USN) 1918-1985 

Monson, Byron Albert (USA) 1924-1953

Monson, Jesse Horace (USAAC) 1915-2003

Monson, Loris Don (USA) 1915-2000

Monson, Raymond Earl JR (USN) 1926-1992

Monson, Robert T (USAAC) 1926-2006

Monson, Verdon (USA)

Moon, David Merle (USA) 1919-1988 

Morehead, Robert Crosier Jr (USA) 1923-2009

Morford, Roland Oliver (USN) 1924-2003

Morrell, Kenneth Alma (USA) 1915-2007

Morse, Wayne Elmer (USA) 1906-1988

Mortensen, Elwood Harlow (USMC) 1928-1981

Morton, Alfred william (USA) 1913-2001

Mosher, Hugh Cameron (USN)

Moss, Angus Orson  (USA) 1914-2005 

Moss, Edgar Janney (USA) 1894-1968

Motsinger, Otis L (USA) 1927-2004

Moyes, Maurice Reuben (USA) 1911-1982

Mulkay, William Leslie (USCG) 1921-1980

Murdoch, Francis Lynn 1927-2015

Murdoch, Ralph Alexander (USMC) 1925-2015

Murdock, Ladell Reece (USA) 1927-1976

Murdock, Richard Blaine (USMC) 1928-1968

Murphy, Charles Edward (USA) 1910-1994

Murphy, Forence Marie Charlotte Wurm 1919-2009

Murray, Charles Keith (USAAC) 1924-2012

Myers, Merlin Gilbert (USAAC) 1923-1991

Myrup, Richard Clark (USN) 1925-2002

Nebeker, Hugh Brown (USA) 1906-1964

Neff, Keith Austin (USN) 1921-2010

Nehring, Daniel Frederick (USMC) 1920-1998

Neil, James Alma (USAAAC) 1924-1971

Neil, Kenneth Jack Sr 1929-2004

Neil, William Claude (USMM) 1926-1972

Neilson, Ray Ivan (USN) 1919-1993

Neilson, Rollo Larsen (USA) 1923-2007

Neiman, Russel Edward (USN) 1926-2001

Nelson, Elmo M (USA) 1913-1993

Nelson, Gene Robert (USA) 1922-1987

Nelson, James Boyer (USA) 1924-1983

Nelson, Keith Emmett (USAAC) 1918-1963

Nelson, LaVar

Nelson, Ray Conder (USA) 1917-2001

Nelson, Ray W USN

Nelson, Wilford Osmond Jr (USA) 1921-2015

Nerdin, Orson Orel (USMC) 1918-1977

Nerdin, Robert Thell (USA) 1901-1990

Neves, Wilford Leslie (USA) 1923-1999 

Newell, Ernest Charles (USA) 1907-1990

Newman, Clarence Junior (USA) 1919-1998

Newman, Dale Leland (USA) 1920-1967

Newman, Frank Byrd Jr (USA) 1922-2006

Newman, Glen Bird (USN) 1919-2003

Newman, Lowell Vern (USA) 1921-1979

Newman, Reed B (USA) 1916-1999

Newman, Richard Cullimore (USA) 1914-1971

Nicholes, Harold O 1916-1972

Nicholes, Leroy Gjettrup (USMC 1904-2004

Nicholes, Tracy Howard (USAAC) 1927-1964

Nicol, Alva Moroni (USA) 1916-1983

Nielsen, Douglas Earl (USN) 1926-2013

Nielsen, Glenn Christian (USA) 1921-2000

Nielsen, Leland Jay (USN) 1926-2015

Nielsen, Leo E USA

Nielson, Abel H (USA) 1902-1945

Nielson, Harold Walter (USA) 1913-1995

Nielson, Kenneth (USA) 1920-2003

Nielson, Lamar USN

Nielson, Richard L

Nielson, Russell Williams (USA) 1918-1961

Nilsson, Bruce Ray (USN) 1923-2015

Nilsson, Lynn Ransoom (USN) 1919-2007

Nisonger, Bliss Enos (USN) 1916-1997

Nodzu, Kiyoshi (Kenneth) (USA) 1927-2020

Norman, Gordon Warren 1927-2011

Norris, Francis Ralph (USA) 1906-1980

Norton, Alvin W

Noyes, Kenneth Eugene (USA) 1901-1988 

Noyes, Franklin LeGrande (USA)(USN) 1899-1986

Noyes, Junious Henry (USA) 1915-1979

Nyland, Verdell Lawrence (USA) 1919-2002

O, John Junioor (USN)

O’Dell, Leonard Francis (USA/USN) 1927-2010'dell

Ohran, Donal Lloyd (USN) 1923-1995

Okey, Kenneth Vern (USA) 1913-1999

Oldroyd, Rex Herbert (USN) 1922-2006

Ollivier, Joseph Foch (USN) 1918-1988

Olsen, Earl Legrand (USAAC) 1917-1972

Olsen, Caratat Bert “John” (USMC) 1922-1995

Olsen, Gleed Wayne (USA) 1920-2011

Olsen, Gordon Ernest (USA) 1919-1993

Olsen, Joseph William Jr (USA) 1915-2007

Olsen, Lyman Jean (USA) 1927-1995

Olsen, Phillip Scott (USN) 1927-2017

Olsen, Verlyn L (USN) 1921-2008

Omara, Olive (USN) 1920-2022'mara

Omer, Grant Siegfried (USAAC) 1919-2001

Omer, Wesley Johnson (USA) 1928-2008

Ormond, Bud Barney (USN) 1923-2002

Ormond, Raymond Deuel (USA) 1914-1981

Orton, Gordon USA

Orton, Howard (USA) 1922-2008

Ostergaard, Mack Robert (USAAC/UTNG) 1925-2013

Ostler, Orvil USCG

Ovard, Jay Eugene (USA) 1928-2005

Overlade, Lyle Weeks (USA/USAF) 1918-1987

Overly, Don Cornell (USA) 1916-2012

Oveson, Ove Maron (USA)1918-2003

Pace, Jack Sperry (USA) 1919-2003

Pack, LaVon Mikesell (USN) 1926-1989

Page, Richard J USA

Pagel, George Edward (USAAC/USAF) 1906-1984

Parduhn, Donald Warren (USA) 1920-1969

Parduhn, Jaren Henry (USN) 1919-1997

Park, John Henry (USA) 1915-1970

Parker, Ernest Moyle (USAAC) 1922-2012

Parker, Fred Ariel (USN) 1926-1973


Partington, William Alma (USA) 1905-1995

Paul, George Richins (USA) 1926-1994

Paulson, Ford Richard (USA) 1927-1988

Paxman, Harold Marion (USA) 1918-1997

Paxman, Howard Ernest (USA) 1909-2002

Payne, Dennis Ira (USN) 1923-1976

Payne, Duane Mason (USMC) 1928-2000 

Pearce, Charles Edward Jr (USA) 1925-2006

Pearce, John Harrison (USN) 1926-2004

Pearson, Robert (USAAC) 926-2011

Peart, Glenn Joseph (USA) 1919-2000

Pease, Cleo Donald (USN) 1921-1984

Peck, Charles Lawrence (USAAC) 1900-1940

Peck, Lynn Jay (USAAC) 1917-1968

Pectol, Byron (USA) 1923-1997 

Pellegrini, Emilio Anthony (USA) 1925-2002

Peltz, Mancil Earl (USAAC) 1922-2006 

Pehrson, Garth Edward (USN) 1921-2002

Pendleton, Billy Cloifford  1927-2013

Penrod, Harold Robert (USN) 1925-2019

Penrod, Ned Fausett (USN) 1922-2007

Perkins, Warren G (USAAC) 1921-2003

Perrenoud, Keith H (USAAC) 1924-2013

Peters, Howard E (USA) 1924-2013

Petersen, Delbert Kernal (USA) 1919-1982 

Petersen, William E (USA) 1923-1996

Peterson, Alvin Mithias (USA) 1912-1969

Peterson, Arland J (USAAC) 1923-2019

Peterson, Arthur

Peterson, Clyde Woodard (USN) 1924-2009

Peterson, Don Reed (USN) 1927-1954 

Peterson, Glen J (USN) 1923-2007

Peterson, Henry DeLone (USA) 1918-1982

Peterson, John Ray (USNR) 1920-1943

Peterson, Lawrence Richard (USAAC) 1918-2013

Peterson, Lowe Neal (USN) 1918-1972

Peterson, Lynn USA

Peterson, Maurice F (USA) 1915-2007

Peterson, Paul Robert (USAAC/USAF) 1922-2014

Pett, Ray Watkins (USN) 1925-2004

Philips, Marvin Arthur (USMM) 1918-1992

Phillips, Blaine Reed

Phillips, Dell Lockhart (USA) 1921-2004

Phillips, Glen Adams (USA) 1925-1990

Phillips, Stanley J Sr (USA) 1926-1993

Phillips, Wayne R (USA) 1924-1998

Pierce, B Reed

Pierce, Harold N USA

Pierce, Robert Lee (USN) 1925-2007

Pierce, William Manning (USA/UTNG) 1924-2020 

Pierson, William Marvin (USAAC) 1918-1988

Pineda, Victor (USA) 1923-2009

Pinnegar, Frederick Charles Jr (USN) 1925-2013

Pittman, Don Ray (USN) 1927-2008

Poulson, Kenneth Dale (USA/USAF) 1924-2007

Pratt, George Atzbach (USA) 1907-1991 

Pratt, Harold Orson (USA) 1916-1974

Pratt, Weston Vernon Jr (USN) 1927-2002

Pratt, William John (USA) 1918-2015

Prestwich, Clifford Wesley (USMC) 1925-2011

Prestwich, Elwood Melvin (USN) 1920-1997

Prestwich, Harold Leone (USA) 1923-2001  

Prestwich, William Stanley (USA) 1918-1994 (Buried in Lehi???)

Price, Earl Martin (USN) 1916-1990

Priday, Leland Forbes (USN) 1914-2004

Priem, Harry E (USN/USAF) 1924-1990

Privett, Kay Eugene (USN) 1925-2013

Proctor, Dan Quinten Boise (USA) 1927-2013

Proctor, Darrell J (USA) 1924-2015

Provost, Lloyd Vane (USN) 1911-1987 

Pugh, Rollace Allen (USN) 1923-1989

Pulley, Leo (USA) 1912-1973

Pulley, Vernal Myron (USA) 1926-1996

Quilter, Glen Atherley (USA) 1922-2009

Radmall, Alma Reed (USA) 1922-1999

Radmall, Marvin Leo (USAAC) 1914-2003

Radmall, Max Berdell (USA) 1926-2017

Radulovich, Peter B (USA) 19917-1988

Rahl, Joseph

Ralphs, Lee W (USAAC) 1919-2010

Ramsay, Curtis W (USA) 1910-1996

Randall, Floyd Eskelson (USA) 1921-1978

Randall, Willis Joseph (USA) 1919-2002

Rasmussen, Eldon Earl (USN) 1924-1986

Rasmussen, Clarence Wesley (USN) 1919-2005

Rawlings, Eldon Edmond (USN) 1930-1971

Rawlings, Verl Lewis (USA) 1920-2002

Rayl, James Willard (USN) 1920-2010

Read, Garth Thurman (USA) 1922-2006

Read, William Harold (USMM) 1910-1991

Rees, Carl Harold (USN) 1918-1989

Reese, Bruce Alan (USN) 1923-2016

Reeve, Robert Bruce (USA) 1927-1988

Reid, Garles D

Reid, Philip Calvin (USN) 1924-2008

Reimschussel, Frederick C (USA) 1915-1969

Reimschussel, Walter Fritz Martin (USCG) 1921-1998

Reisner, Richard Junior (USMM/USA) 1927-1991

Rhodes, Darrel R (USN) 1924-1989

Richan, Carl Ovielle (USA) 1918-1976

Richan, Keith Junior (USN) 1922-2007

Richan, William Blaine (USN) 1927-2020

Richans, C A

Richards, Guy Adams (USA) 1919-2010

Richards, Riley (USA) 1907-1972

Richards, Staford Lynn (USAAC) 1925-2006

Richardson, William Jones USA

Richins, Clyde Ray (USN)1925-1973 

Richins, Dale

Richins, Oral Fred (USA) 1909-1982

Ridge, Royce( USA) 1926-1991

Rieske, Virgil Everett (USA) 1923-2009

Riggs, John David (USN) 1928-2022

Riley, Franicis L (USA) 1917-1988

Riley, William L

Ringger, Carl Walter (SWISS Army) 1916-2002

Robbins, Harold R (USMC)  1924-2003

Robbins, William Harris (USA) 1923-2000

Roberts, Earl Thomas (USA) 1926-2010

Roberts, Eldon (USA) 1922-2006

Roberts, John C (USMC) 1921-2004

Roberts, Kenneth (USA) 1924-2010

Roberts, Marvin Delance (USA) 1923-1984

Roberts, Ralph Eugene (USA) 1923-2015

Roberts, Robert D USA

Robertson, Elvan Frank (USA) 1917-1995

Robertson, Gayle Leroy (USA) 1920-1999

Robertson, Glen Hyrum (USA) 1921-1977

Robinson, Don Stanley (USA) 1914-1999

Robinson, Elwood Lot (USCG) 1922-1980

Robinson, Frank Allen "Robbie" (USA) 1924-2002

Robinson, Fred Lloyd 1928-1984

Robinson, George H

Robinson, Jay Stanley (USN) 1925-1987 

Robinson, Kenneth John (USAAC) 1917-1997

Robinson, Legrand George (USA) 1919-1973

Robinson, Marion William (USA) 1915-1985

Robinson, Oscar Lynn (USMC) 1919-1992

Robinson, Paul Nebeker (USA) 1922-1996

Robinson, Siegmund Melvin (USN) 1923-2001

Robinson, William Kirby (USN) 1926-2005

Robison, Ray Green (USA) 1919-2002

Rogers, Richard Hoggan (USN) 1920-1977

Rogers, Robert Chase (USN) 1921-1997

Rogers, Tyler Hoggan  (USA) 1923-2008

Rolands, Harry Weymeth (USA) 1906-1996

Rollins, Clarence USA

Rose, Bruce Lamar (USA) 1928-1998

Rose, Jay Conrad (USAAC) 1920-2002

Roseman, George (USA) 1911-1988

Rosenlof, Leon John (USAAC) 1922-1998

Ross, Athol Daniel (USA) 1922-2007

Ross, Willaim Henry (USA) 1924-2021

Roudabush, Henry Lloyd (USA) 1923-2002

Roundy, Fred

Roundy, Garth Heber (USA) 1918-1996

Roundy, John Whittaker (USMM) 1916-2004

Roundy, Lamar (USA) 1920-1987

Roundy, Paul Frost (USN) 1922-1997

Roundy, Raymond (USN) 1921-2008

Roundy, William Heber (USN) 1923-2019

Rowland, Edward Rector (USA) 1916-1992 

Rowley, Dennis Edson (USN) 1927-2002

Rowley, John Alma (USN/USA) 1923-1992

Roylance, Francis Park (USN) 1903-1977

Rushton, Allen LeRoy (USN) 1927-2003

Sabey, Soren Glenn (USMC) 1921-2008

Salisbury, Francis George (USA) 1920-1986

Sandoval, John (USNR) 1921-1953

Sargent, Hugo Harold (USA) 1911-1980

Sattler, Rollin John (USA) 1920-2019

Savage, Kenneth Cornelius (USN) 1927-2001

Sawyer, Raymond Eugene (USN) 1913-1975

Schow, Russell Stewart (USAAC) 1919-2011

Schow, Wesley Stewart (USAAC/USAF) 1920-2004

Schultz, Donald Clifford (USN) 1920-2005

Schuman, Paul 'Jigs' Dalco (USA) 1915-1998

Schumann, Albert Junior (USA) 1923-2014

Scofield, Blair Cornell (USN) 1924-2004 

Scott, Farrell Morris (USA) 1919-1984

Scott, Hugh Vernon (USMC) 1923-2004

Schow, Russell Stewart (USAAC) 1919-2011

Searle, Don Leslie (USA) 1923-1978

Searle, Leon Clayson (USN)

Seely, Joseph Boyd (USAAC) 1923-2010

Serrano, Angelo Anthony (USN) 1924-1990

Sevy, Lyman (USN) 1927-2013

Shafter, John Joseph (USA) 1918-2006

Shafter, Thomas Leroy (USA) 1923-2004'tom'-leroy-shafter

Sharp, Dee Vernon (USA) 1927-2019

Shelby, Joseph Lester (USA) 1911-1979

Shelley, Carl Thomas (USAAC) 1920-2012

Shelley, James Arthur (USA) 1902-1961

Shelley, Stephen Paul (USN) 1925-1993

Shelly, Jack D

Shelton, William Elwood (USN) 1919-2017

Shields, Hoyt Keith (USN) 1919-1984 

Shields, Romulus Doyle (USA) 1924-2009

Shields, Wesley Eugene (USAAC) 1926-2005

Shipley, Gerald Smith (USA) 1916-2006

Shockley, Robert Jackson (USN) 1916-1993

Shoell, Fredrick Robert (USN) 1927-2009 

Shoell, Perneal Ned (USA) 1920-2004

Shoell, Richard Vern "Dick" (USA) 1913-1998

Shortt, Alfred Bergen (USN) 1921-2009

Shumway, Norman Earl (USA) 1921-2000

Simper, Daniel (USMM) 1920-2015

Simper, James Thomas (USN) 1927-2002

Slade, Chester (USA) 1926-2012

Smalley, Raymond (USAAC) 1929-2010

Smart, Stanley Herbert (USA) 1926-2004

Smith, Adelbert Doyle (USMC) 1926-2009

Smith, Brent Sydney (USA) 1920-2003

Smith, Dan USA

Smith, David E USN

Smith, Dean Devoe (USAAC) 1915-1970

Smith, Dean Leon (USA) 1915-1992

Smith, Don Leroy (USA) 1921-2007

Smith, Edward William (USA) 1922-2014

Smith, Elvin Bennett (USAAC) 1917-2008 

Smith, Jesse Benarr (USA) 1910-1974

Smith, Leland (USN) 1927-2022 

Smith, Leon Cook (USA) 1920-1998

Smith, Leon Eugene (USA) 1923-1998

Smith, Leon Ralph (USA) 1925-2012

Smith, Mahlon (USN) 1927-2002

Smith, Merrett Tuckett (USN) 1926-2012

Smith, Mildred Francom (WAAF) 1908-2007

Smith, Oliver George (USN) 1920-1971

Smith, R Dee USN

Smith, Reed

Smith, Rulon Jay (USA) 1927-2010

Smith, Wendell Olsen (USA) 1924-1944

Smithson, Lonnie Rae Cooke (WAVES) 1925-2019

Smithson, Rulon Nephi (USN) 1927-2022 

Snow, Ronald Ray (USMC) 1918-1967

Snyman, John Marnie 1920-1977

Sorensen, Earl G (USA) 1921-2018

Sorenson, James Lamar 

Sorenson, Rancel Vern (USA) 1922-1989

Southam, Robert Deray (USN) 1928-1988

Spafford, Willis Jesse (USN) 1927-2012

Spencer, George Albert (USN) 1907-1999

Spencer, Ralph Herbert (USA) 1916-1985

Stagg, Richard William 1924-1970

Stagg, Robert Spencer (USA) 1918-1966

Starkey, Odell Gerald (USA/USMM) 1927-2021

Steggell, Clifford Alma (USN) 1921-1999 

Steineckert, Dean H (USAAC) 1919-1995

Sterling, John William (USN) 1923-2006

Stevans, Evan (USA) 1916-1982

Stevens, Hyrum Howard (USNR) 1904-1970

Stewart, William Don (USN) 1927-1989

Stoddard, Aaron Ray (USAAC) 1922-2014

Stoddart, Gerald Wilson (USAAC) 1919-2000

Stoenner, Madge Kirk (USA) 1918-2008

Stone, Chester Ammon (USN) 1919-2009

Storrs, Junior Bahr (USN) 1926-1998

Storrs, William Jay (USAAC) 1921-2000 

Story, Keith Darwin (USAAC) 1926-2005

Stott, Carrol (USA) 1919-2006

Stott, Lester Norman (USA) 1917-1999

Strasburg, Allen Ross (USA) 1926-2005

Strasburg, Charles Evar (USA) 1918-1987

Street, Henry Grant (USN) 1926-1994

Strong, Douglas Chester (USA) 1920-1974

Sullivan, James Peter 1920-2002

Sumsion, Alton Earl (USN) 1925-1992

Sundberg, Elwood Leroy (USMC) 1923-2002

Sutch, Albert Ernest (USA) 1911-1987

Sutch, Christopher Richard (USA) 1913-1994

Sutch, Oliver Agar (USA) 1908-1973

Sutch, Peter (USA) 1915-1965

Sutch, Robert (USA) 1918-1984

Swan, Ilo Joshua (USA) 1911-2004

Swensen, Blain Walker (USAAC) 1911-2005

Swensen, James Bernard (USA) 1925-2016

Swensen, Knud Walker (USA) 1919-2013

Swenson, Garn

Swenson, Lloyd Anderberg (USA) 1905-1985

Swenson, Richard Merrill (USA) 1920-2003

Swenson, Wesley Odeal (USA) 1919-2011

Sykes, Delbert Alexander (USA) 1923-1986

Sykes, William Bigler (USAAC) 1924-2008

Sykes, William Dee (USMM) 1924-2001

Tarr, Fred McMillian (USMC) 1910-1984

Tatum, Madge Beth West  (USN) 1923-2018

Taufer, Marvin Gray (USN) 1927-2014

Taylor, Floy M (USMC) 1917-2003

Taylor, Floyd Richardson (USN) 1918-2003

Taylor, Henry Morgan (USN) 1907-1993

Taylor, Ira Jay (USN) 1923-1978

Taylor, Lester Eugene (USA) 1920-2006

Taylor, Omega Roger "Mickey" (USN) 1923-2007

Taysom, Newell A  (USN) 1924-2004

Tenney, Clive Vorris (USN) 1922-2012

Terry, Ladell Ellis (USA) 1923-2009

Terry, Lyman Franklin (USA) 1917-1976 

Terry, Wendell Bradford (USA) 1923-1987 

Teuscher, Marvin Harding (USN) 1921-2009

Thayne, Ivins Lamar (USA) 1905-1990

Thomas, Ernest Miller (USMC) 1920-2004

Thomas, Marion Edward Sr (USAAC) 1920-2001

Thomas, Perry Bates (USAAC) 1924-2004

Thompson, Glade Crystal (USAAC) 1917-1956

Thompson, Jimmy E (USAAC) 1919-2006

Thomson, Talmage Maiben (USA) 1918-1992

Thomson, Woodruff Christian (USA) 1917-2006

Thorne, Elvin Max (USA) 1927-1992

Thorne, Howard Leon (USA) 1925-1993

Thorne, Joseph Leroy JR (USN) 1926-2016

Thornton, Ashton Kennedy 1921-2011

Thornton, Hal J (USCG) 1926-2002

Thornton, John Gilbert (USN) 1926-2012

Thrasher, Edwin Dee (USN) 1923-2013

Thurman, Byron McCombs (USAAC) 1926-2015

Tidwell, Von Lon (USA) 1913-2001

Timpson, Maurice Herbert (USA) 1924-1976

Tingen, Clarence Jans (USA) 1913-2006

Tittensor, Emmett Handy (USA) 1917-1981

Told, Morris Bill (USN) 1921-2014

Tolman, Ivan Hatch (USA) 1920-1996

Tolton, Clark L (USAAC) 1917-2013

Tomlinson, William Henry (USA) 1922-1985

Tracy, Jackline Elmer (USA) 1927-2016

Transtrum, Lloyd George (USA) 1918-1979

Trexler, Howard A (USAAC) 1922-2009

Trexler, Sarah Jane Gardner (USA)1924-2002

Tripp, Blaine USA

Tucker, Monroe Platt (USA) 1920 2001

Turley, Louis Osbourne (USA) 1911-2007

Turner, Edward LaVerl (USN) 1908-1993

Turner, Virgil Henry (USA) 1911-2002

Turner, William Donald 1921-2000

Twitchell, Edward Junior (USA) 1926-1999

Ual, Melvin Marshall

Udell, Charles Frenk

Udell, Shane 

Valleau, Thomas Gilbert (USA) 1920-1950

Van Wagoner, Kenneth L USA 1916-2003

Vance, Paul Worlton (USAAC) 1915-2011

Vandorn, John M Jr (USAAC) 1921-2013

VanWagoner, Amelia Burnham (WAC) 1911-2007

Varney, Sherman (USN) 1924-2015

Vasey, James R Jr (USAAC) 1918-1998

Veater, Ned R (USN) 1923-2011

Vichrilli, Michael Angelo (USCG) 1921-2007

Vierig, Max Otto (USN) 1926-1995

Viklund, Glen Ernest (USA) 1922-1995

Wadley, Clifton Jerry (USMC) 1920-2015

Wadley, Doyle (USN) 1926 2014

Wager, Merlin Clark (USAAC) 1923-2019

Wagstaff, Roy Adrian (USN) 1926-1994

Wagster, John Robert (USA) 1917-1964

Walker, Arlo A (USAAC) 1921-2011

Walker, Arthur Dean (USA) 1921-1979

Walker, Benjamin Greenwod USN 1928-2009

Walker, Bernard Willliam (UTNG) 1919-2010

Walker, Clarence Edgar (USAAC) 1920-2019

Walker, Dean Hensen (USA) 1916-2003

Walker, Donald Lewis (USA) 1919-1964

Walker, Eldon USN

Walker, Eugene S

Walker, Fawn 1927-1993

Walker, George Leroy (USA) 1919-1990

Walker, Henson S (USA) 1920-1963

Walker, Lee Gordon (USAAC) 1924-2005

Walker, Lloyd J (USMM) 1925-2001

Walker, Norman B (USN) 1927-1968

Walker, Ray Loran

Walker, Ray O'Neil (USA) 1919-2002'neil-walker

Walker, Reed Holt (USMM) 1924-2013

Walker, Rex Basil (USA) 1920-2018

Walker, Robert Eugene (USMM) 1924-2007

Walker, Russell Burton (USA) 1925-2008

Walker, Stanley Harvey (USA) 1924-1994

Walker, Vern Merrill (USN) 1925-1999

Walker, Virgil C (USN) 1920-1995

Walker, Westley J (USN) 1922-2008

Walker, William Mack (USMC) 1925-2010

Walters, Ernest Ladare (USA) 1925-1950

Wall, Andrew J (USA) 1924-2017

Wallin, Robert Eugene (USAAC) 1920-2010

Walton, Raymond H (USCG) 1918-1998

Wanlass, Darrell Jackson (USA) 1916-1998

Wanlass, Samuel Huggard (USA) 1914-1995

Warburton, Doyle Russell (USN) 1922-1984

Warburton, Paul B (USA) 1915-2001

Wardle, Donald Clifford (USN) 1925-2007

Warnick, Charles William (USA)  1914-2005

Warnick, Merrill Eldredge (USA) 1925-1993

Warnick, Ralph Richard (USA) 1918-2010

Washburn, Viron (USA) 1907-1986

Webb, Marshall Junior (USN) 1927-1975

Webster, Walter (USA) 1907-1970

Weeks, Stanley Lynn (USA) 1925-1994

Weese, Floyd (USA) 1902-1983

Wells, Marion Carl (USA) 1914-1976

Wendte, Morris Laverne (USN) 1924-2004

Werner, Johnson Kent (USA) 1922-2004 

West, Burton Waldemar (USA) 1918-2015

West, Byron Henry (USAAC) 1911-2001

West, Dale Hilton (USA) 1918-2007

West, Eleroy R (USA/USAF) 1895-1992

West, Eugene USA 

West, Everett Eugene (USA) 1913-1986

West, Harvard Matthew (USA) 1921-2007

West, Jean Marrott (USMC) 1924-2012

West, John Everett (USA) 1919-1997

West, Julian H (USMM) 1924-1998

West, Kenneth Dale (USAAC) 1922-2012

West, Leo Berry (USA) 1905-1970

West, Milton Loren (USA) 1921-1986

West, Sherwood Winterton "Chuck" (USA) 1909-1998

West, Thomas Everleigh (USA) 1919-1995

Westphal, Paul Norville (USA) 1914-1992

Wetzel, Floyd Corbett (USN) 1926-1999

Whaley, Robert Beryle (USN) 1921-1998

Whitehead, Richard Owen Jr 1927-

Whiteley, Kay Otten (USN) 1925-2016

Whiteley, Paul J (USA) 1926-1994

Whiting Ben Earl (USA) 1917-2007

Whitlock, Morris Clyde (USA) 1917-2016 

Whitman, Robert

Wiemer, Fredrick W (USAAC) 1916-1999

Wiggington, Ralph Oscar (USA) 1905-1991

Wight, Ellery J (USN) 19223-2011

Wilberg, Chal Berl (USN) 1920-1999

Wilberg, Dexter (USMM) 1925-2007

Wilde, Legrand (USA) 1909-1946

Wilde, Mark Nelson (USA) 1909-1969

Wilding, Ray Leavitt (USA) 1918-1992

Wilkin, Jerry Reid (USA) 1926-1994

Wilkinson, Clyde Jay (USA) 1920-2015

Wilkinson, Elden Leo (USN) 1919-1991

Wilkinson, Kenneth M (USA)1916-1980

Williams, Dwaine Francis (USA) 1921-1999

Forte, Angelina (Bezzant, Williamson) (USN) 1923-2015

Williamson, John Matthew (USA) 1921-1995

Williamson, Junior Niels (USN) 1926-2011

Williamson, Stanley Ted (USAAC) 1926-2009

Willis, Orval Austin (USA) 1925-2006

Wills, Marion

Wilson, Clarence M Sr (USMC) 1910-1987

Wilson, Rex J (USA) 1927-2004

Wimmer, Leland Pulley (USN) 1923-2021

Wimmer, Warren Smith (USN) 1920-2006

Winn, Francis Dee (USA) 1919-1963

Winn, Kenneth Leroy (USN) 1925-2015

Winner, Eugene

Winters, Clifford Ray (USMC) 1903-1954

Winters, Norman Ray (USA) 1925-2000

Winters, Wayne Street (USAAC) 1924-2011

Wirthlin, Bill Douglass (USA) 1922-1989

Wiscombe, Leonard Paul (USN) 1925-2000

Withers, Gordon Elbert (USA) 1921-2014

Woffard, Frank Polk (USN) 1915-2001 

Woffard, Jean Holmstead (USA) 1917-2000

Woffinden, John Howard (USN) 1914-19991

Woffinden, Myrven Leo (USN) 1924-1998

Woldberg, Alvin Robert Jr (USN) 1922-1994

Wood, Lewis Albert (USA) 1923-1997

Wood, Wayne E (USCG) 1926-2016

Woodard, Joseph Everett 

Woodger, Edward Winston (USA) 1923-1981

Woodhouse, Howe Merrill (USA) 1922-1996

Wootton, Leo Hansen (USA) 1902-1993

Wright, Fred Thornton (USAAC) 1924-2015 

Wright, Glade (USA) 1927-2019

Wright, Glenn Arthur (USA) 1904-1987

Wright, Gordon Lugene (USA) 1921-1993

Wright, John

Wright, Kenneth H (USA) 1928-1994

Wright, Norman Edger (USA) 1927-1996

Wright, William Andrew (USAAC) 1914-1997

Yocom, Karl Robert (USA) 1926-1983

Young, Carl Louis (USN) 1926-2005

Young, Clifford Earle Jr (USN) 1917-2001

Young, Dallas Carl 1926-2014

Young, Glenn Earl (USA) 1918-1973

Young, Ray Melvin (USN) 1927-2008

Young, Ted Simon (USA) 1924-2017

Zabriskie, Robert Morley (USA) 1924-1976

Zauss, William Fredrick (USN) 1923-1986

Zierold, Karl (USN) 1913-1990

Zundel, Eldon Forstner (USA) 196-1990

Hoellein William George (USA) 1915-1965